Publishing Assistant

Publisher Assistant is Vainqueur’s flagship solution that simplifies and streamlines the entire publishing process from receipt of manuscript to dissemination of final content outputs. This integrated project management platform transitions seamlessly across the publishing process from author, schedule, and cost management to creating, designing, and disseminating content.

Smart Automation

Vainqueur's Production Automation Portal delivers to you all the advantages of smart automation of the entire production process across all publishing products and channels. This smart automation of the entire production process effectively combines content, design, art, XML, composition protocols, and quality standard to consistently deliver on expectations across domains and complexities.

Content Driven Services

You can derive complete support in creating and enabling content by supporting the entire range of editorial services, from automated and semi-automated pre-editing, technical editing, and copyediting to bibliography structuring through Publisher Assistant.

End to End Author Proofing

Simplify the entire process of proof review, query clarification, and correction incorporation both for your authors and you through Publisher Assistant’s accurate and quality-driven automation.