Smart Automation

Vainqueur’s Production Automation Portal delivers to you all the advantages of smart automation of the entire production process across all publishing products and channels. This smart automation of the entire production process effectively combines content, design, art, XML, composition protocols, and quality standard to consistently deliver on expectations across domains and complexities.

  • The cognitive intelligence of the portal delivers a well-integrated production process that flows seamlessly from receipt of manuscript client to upload of print and digital products, simultaneously or on demand
  • The smart automation takes over most of the tasks that can be performed, monitored, and controlled without human intervention, leaving critical processes and decision-making roles to people
  • This synergy between human skill set and smart automation takes advantage of the consistency, accuracy, and quick turnaround of automation and the knowledge, intelligence, and decision-making ability of humans
  • It also incorporates customized workflow requirements such as digital first, unique online-only requirements for audio and video formats, and customizing publisher-specific XML workflows for unique products

What Can Smart Automation Achieve for You?

  • Streamline flow of process from logging in materials received from client to uploading final, quality-approved print and digital outputs
  • Maintain an exhaustive repository of workflows across product types, turnaround time, and complexity
  • Provide extensive options to tweak workflows at an individual project level
  • Maintain a complete repository of design templates with style notes for quick reference
  • Apply a robust framework that allows end-to-end automation of simple layouts and partial automation of complex layouts
  • Scale up levels of automation effortlessly based on requirement
  • Achieve complete visibility of production status, possible process and schedule bottlenecks, and performer details
  • Map process alerts, reminders, and checkpoints at a task level
  • Deliver in-depth insights on person and process performance at a task level in terms of error percentage and turnaround time
  • Leverage easy-to-access and easy-to-use tools that simplify and standardize typesetting across all types of products
  • Gain a secure production environment with permission-based access and end-to-end activity tracking