Publishing Assistant

Publisher Assistant is Vainqueur’s flagship solution that simplifies and streamlines the entire publishing process from receipt of manuscript to dissemination of final content outputs. This integrated project management platform transitions seamlessly across the publishing process from author, schedule, and cost management to creating, designing, and disseminating content.

Assign – The Project Management Component

At the first step, you can simplify assignment and monitoring of roles and responsibilities with Publisher Assistant, ensuring an efficient and collaborative production environment. Hence, with Publisher Assistant, you can

  • Allocate and monitor roles and activities from copyediting to template design and composition with a single click action and track their execution at a performer level
  • Track production schedules, with auto alerts and turnaround time visibility delivering real-time schedule status across stakeholders
  • Allocate prompt reminders to authors, publishers, and internal stakeholders ensuring prompt communication of status and follow-ups
  • Automate prompts and tasks for the day for project managers, simplifying their activities of author coordination
  • Simplify customized report generation across all publishing stakeholders based on their specific requirements with easy single-dashboard-based visualization

Create – The Content-Driven Services Component

You can derive complete support in creating and enabling content by supporting the entire range of editorial services, from automated and semi-automated pre-editing, technical editing, and copyediting to bibliography structuring through Publisher Assistant.

  • Pre-editing frameworks customized to publisher-specific requirements
  • Publisher-specific rules and tools that enable technical editing
  • Style sheet–driven logs that enable copyediting by pulling out suspect errors in copyedited files
  • Grammar- and word usage–based rules that aid with language editing
  • Extensive reference style repositories for bibliography structuring, from APA and CMS to author’s style.

Layout – The Design and Composition Component

Through Publisher Assistant’s layout component, you can streamline and simplify a wide spectrum of design and composition levels, from completely automating book and journal typesetting to customized typesetting for higher education academic books, magazines, and catalogs.

  • Repositories for specific journals and books
  • Custom design options for complex school and higher education books
  • Unique catalog design template repositories for catalog production
  • Creative magazine design templates
  • Standard and bespoke cover templates and design
  • End-to-end automated composition services across all the above channels
  • The entire gamut of artwork management, from redraw and relabel to color corrections

Review - The End-to-End Author Proofing and Quality Check Component

Simplify the entire process of proof review, query clarification, and correction incorporation both for your authors and you through Publisher Assistant’s accurate and quality-driven automation.

  • Send proofs to authors and publishers accurately and effortlessly directly from the system
  • Track the schedule and file versions across the review process
  • •Resolve author queries through an error-free mechanism of tracking instances of pending queries
  • Collate author corrections through collaborative proofing tools
  • Streamline all the stages of author and publisher coordination for proof review and correction incorporation with no compromise on quality.

Publish – The Content Final Deliverable Preparation and Dissemination Component

Deliver an extensive range of content outputs across publishing channels from eBooks to HTML5 and accessible publishing through Publisher Assistant

  • Publish print PDF and online deliverables simultaneously
  • Deliver print PDFs only after strict preflight checks and validation protocols
  • Manage the book printing process with printers and deliver on specific print requirements such as PoD
  • Publish customized and Manage the book printing process with printers and deliver on specific print requirements such as PoD
  • standardized XML, from JATS, BITS, and DocBook to customized DTD
  • Establish and manage smart digital asset management and distribution systems