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Journals - Overview

Aim & Scope

The main aim of vainqueur Publishing is to exploit the scientific information throughout the globe with easily manageable data in most convenient electronic formats. As an open access publisher we offer a great platform for every researcher to share their knowledge with a wider audience of the scientific community. Here we are providing our services in diversified academic corrections with a mission to publish innovative research in the fields of science, medicine and technology.


The main objective of vainqueur Publishers is to clarify the quality research globally. With world leading expertise and innovation, we bring together the cutting edge technology and data insights to everyone we serve.

What do we do?

At vainqueur Publishers we attempt to expose the valuable research work of science and technology to international scientific community.

Our open access policy supports to free download and forwarding of innovative works of research to craving readers. We cordially welcome authors to share their works who are willing to spread their research work to a world audience we accept papers such as reviews; research; cases; perspective articles etc.

Our highly qualified and expert Editorial committee is indulged in scrutinizing articles with stringent peer review process ensuring that it follows our policies. With the support of our potential Editorial team, we make sure to have a swift publication process thereby increasing the reflectiveness of the research.

Why publish with us?

We at vainqueur ensure high quality publications with a strong motto to support wider scientific community with very latest ideas and approaches.

We vainqueur Publishers establish high quality publications with a strong vision i.e. to support wider scientific community with very current ideas and approaches.

Our dedicated and expert editorial team will support you throughout the development of your work. Here are some of the benefits we provide

 Broad portfolio of Journals covering all research disciplines

 Easy submission with open access mandates

 Simple online submission procedure

 Highly qualified Editorial Team

 Rigorous and rapid peer review

 Article tracking

 Rapid publication with high quality production

 We offer copyrights to all our authors

 No charges applicable for article submission

 High Readability

 Wide exposure of your ground breaking research


Editor Guidelines

Being an editor, he/she should carry out their responsibilities with much dedication to improve the Virtue of the journal. It is advisable to oversee the journal policies time to time and assisting the publisher in maintaining the journal’s quality towards serving the scientific community.


  • Empower research into peer audit, innovative advances and re-evaluate journal forms in the light of new disclosures.
  • Encourage initiatives designed to prevent research misconduct and educate researchers about publication ethics.
  • Encourages submission of quality articles to the journal by personally recruiting authors, assisting them with outreach, and ensuring the marketing plan is executed.
  • An official conclusion regarding acknowledgement, adjustment and notice of an original manuscript rests just with the editor. There will be no evolutions or obstruction of any kind in the choices of the Editorial Board.
  • Editors should to guarantee that every one of the articles are published by concerning the extent of the journal dependent on pertinence, respectability, logical quality, new information sources, potential intrigue, culmination, clearness and morals
  • Ensure to alter the content when required ( Typographical errors, incorrect line or page breaks, Spelling errors, Errors in grammar and syntax, Errors in word usage, graphs, the styling of tables, and other art, including their labels, captions, and text mentions, Ambiguous vocabulary and syntax)
  • Should communicate directly with the author and the review the team.
  • Recommend acceptance or rejection of the articles considered for publication to the journal Editor and should be able to resolve any conflicts.

Associate editor guidelines

Every associate editor of the editorial board assumes a vital job in keeping up the journal measures and peer audit. Generously pursue the rules underneath for associate editor.


  •  Aid initiatives to instruct scientists and youthful researchers about publication morals.
  •  Associate editors can audit submitted original articles dependent on their practical time, if time doesn’t permit estimating the composition editors can recommend different reviewers.
  •  Associate editor will care for any confidential information with respect to the undertaking. On the off chance that the author has operated data of real people in any of his medical or scientific records, the editorial team must search for composed assent from the person for the record to meet all requirements for publishing.
  •  We explore every one of the articles of the editors that are published in our journals, in different long-range interpersonal communication bunches from our end, expanding deceivability for their works.
  •  Editors can be known as senior editor in the concerned journal dependent on their dynamic interest and furthermore dependent on their experience.
  •  Journals thinks about editorials as a note to the youthful specialists and researchers.

Reviewers Guidelines

This document offers guidelines for vainqueur reviewers. Vainqueur follows peer review publication that maintains high standardized review process of the articles that it receives. Vainqueur depends on reviews by knowledgeable and research experts in order to maintain the accurate and high quality of its content.


  •  Reviewers should not reveal the data in the composition except if it is published and should regard the classification.
  •  The data in the original article should not be exploited by the reviewers for their very own advantages and should not report to another association or person.
  •  Reviewers at vainqueur Publishers are relied upon to acknowledge to review the composition just if they have ability in the concerned subject and are sure to give precise evaluation and suitable report.
  •  Companion Review Process must not be affected by the nationality, root, religion, sex and so on of the authors for example there ought to be no discrimination while performing the peer review process.
  •  Reviewers ought to advise the Editor quickly on the off chance that they find that the original article isn’t special and copyright infringement free.
  •  It ought to be quickly educated to the Editor if the reviewer finds that the original article previously been surveyed by them for some other journal.
  •  Reviewers are not permitted to contact the authors without the authorization of the Editor.
  •  Reviewers should answer to the Editor if there is any sort of unfortunate behavior in the original article.

Author Guidelines

Vainqueur Publishing is a motivated and novel journal that is engaged for publication of original research works along with all the Reviews, Cases, Opinions, Perspective Articles, videos, etc. including the results that supports and strengthens the quality of papers like figures, tables, videos, statistical graphs, X-rays, Scanned images in all major corrections of in-depth medical and clinical sciences. Doctors are encouraged and invited specially to contribute interesting case reports that they handle in their day to day life.

Manuscripts received are processed by the organization, with the commitment from the authors that they are not published or are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The journal considers manuscripts for open access publication that are simply prepared in accordance with the guidelines framed by Vainqueur Team for the uniform requirements of manuscripts submissions.

Open Access Policy

All the published papers are accessible freely viewed/ copied/ downloadable and printed by all the individuals without any legal, technical, financial barriers.

Plagiarism Analysis

All the articles must contain a minimum of 75% unique content (should not be copied from any other web sources). In the Results and conclusion part of text the uniqueness must be 100%. The articles having below 75% are reverted to the authors for revision and requested for resubmissions with adequate uniqueness.

Assets of Vainqueur Journal

  • Rapid peer-review
  • Publication in 3 weeks
  • Experienced Editorial Board
  • Low article processing charges
  • Global achieving of articles
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Submit Manuscript Online

Peer Review Process

All the articles must contain a minimum of 75% unique content (should not be copied from any other web sources). In the Results and conclusion part of text the uniqueness must be 100%. The articles having below 75% are reverted to the authors for revision and requested for resubmissions with adequate uniqueness.

Preparation of Manuscripts

  1. Cover Letter: Authors are requested to submit a cover letter mentioning all the authors and co-author’s information with Department, University, Address, Correspondence details, Country, Email, Contact details.
  2. Main Manuscript: Submit as a single file or Zip folder (in case exceeds the size limit) either in MS Word or PDF with all Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations, Figures, Tables, Appendices, References, inserted at appropriate places in the text of the article.
  3. Supporting Information: If authors are interested to add any supporting information like acknowledgements, conflicts of interests, author’s contributions, Funding availability, Dedications, Thank Notes etc. they can add at the end of the manuscript itself.

Main Manuscripts should be framed in accordance with the type of the article that includes various types:

Eg. Research Papers:

  • Subdivisions
  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results/Observations
  • Discussion
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Tables
  • Figures and Legends

Manuscript withdrawal charges

  • If a manuscript is withdrawn within 48 hours of submission, no penalties are charged to the author and co-authors.
  • If any author request withdrawal after peer review stage or galley proof or PDF stage or after Publication author should pay withdrawal penalty $99.
  • If the author withdraws the article after acceptance of the manuscript and payment has also been made, there will be NO REFUND of the Article Processing Charge (APC) already paid.

Upon accepting the withdrawal request, the Vainqueur publication’s Editorial Office will send the author(s) an official notice of Manuscript Withdrawal. The official notice will be handed over after the withdrawal penalty is paid in full.

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